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While few people get excited about estate planning, it’s an important step in planning for your future. Nobody wants to leave behind unresolved affairs for their family to disentangle. Through a simple legal tool – a will – you can shape your legacy and do right by your loved ones.

At ACS Family Law, PLLC, I can help you with this important estate planning step. I’m attorney Anna Sulanowski. I approach wills with a dedication to you and your goals. My priority is to listen to you and understand your wishes. I can also address your concerns and make sure that nothing gets overlooked.

Whether this is your first will or you need to update an existing will after a divorce, birth of a child or other life change, you can turn to me for reliable legal help.

What A Will Can (And Can’t) Do

Through a will, you can divide your property among loved ones or charitable causes. You can identify who you would like to administer your estate. That person is called the “executor” in Pennsylvania. If you have minor children, you can identify guardians for them in the event that something happens to you before they become adults. In doing so, you can spare your loved ones the expense and headache of formal guardianship proceedings. You can also identify backup executors and guardians.

When it comes to your property, a will, by itself, won’t avoid the court process of probate. Depending on the size and nature of your estate, probate may still be necessary to validate your will and distribute your property in accordance with its terms.

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