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I’m Here For You In Your Darkest Days

Family law issues like divorce and custody can shake the very foundations of your life – at least, the life you’ve known. Though a bright future may lie ahead, it’s difficult to see it when you’re knee-deep in the legal uncertainties, not to mention the grief, loss and major transitions that go along with these challenging cases.

I’m Anna C. Sulanowski, a family law attorney and founder of ACS Family Law, PLLC. When you’re looking for a guide and ally to shed light on the beautiful future that’s possible for you and your loved ones, you can turn to my firm. I can help you pursue the future you envision.

Help With All Aspects Of Pennsylvania Family Law

There are many intricate facets to family law, and no two cases look alike. I will take the time to understand your individual circumstances so I can provide guidance tailored to your goals, challenges and concerns.

As a lawyer who focuses almost exclusively on family law and related areas, I know the ins and outs of this complex field. I can guide you on issues such as:

Additionally, I have a degree in psychology, which gives me insight into the tough emotional transitions that come up in these cases. I strive to provide a safe, supportive environment where you will be heard.

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Let’s talk about your family law concerns during a free initial consultation. Call 412-557-7763 to reach me. Based in Mt. Lebanon, I handle family law cases throughout Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas.